App iOS

Developing an app for your iphone or ipad will open a world of possibilities for your company. Allow the Crispy Bacon team to help you discover the benefits an app can offer.

App Android

If what you are looking for is high level customization either for your tablet or smartphone, Crispy Bacon will help you discover the infinite possibilities in the world of Android.


Today, all companies need a website if they wish to communicate to their customers. Allow Crispy Bacon to take care of your online communications and help you define your company exactly as you wish.


Crispy Bacon creates  eCommerce solutions based on a client's specific needs, utilizing basic platforms such as Shopify to more advanced platforms such as Mangento.

Facebook & Web

If you have a company Facebook page but do not have the time time to constantly update it, Crispy Bacon can offer the perfect solution. By using a special app created by Crispy Bacon the content on your website gets automatically replicated on your Facebook page.

Social Media Marketing

Today, social media has become an important factor not only in people’s personal lives but for companies as well. Crispy Bacon can help you manage the content of your social media pages so that all content is optimized and easily shareable.

Cloud & hosting

We can offer the best hosting solutions for all of your needs. Crispy Bacon will guide you in the process to determine which hosting platform (Amazon & Google)  is most convenient based on your performance utilization and budget.

Graphic design & Advertising

Thanks so our expertise and creativity we can transform your ideas into reality. Our team will help you create a strong brand identity, plan you advertizing campaign or help you relaunch the packaging of a product. If you have a dream we can help you communicate it the world.

Video & foto

In collaboration with successful partners such as Poci 's S.n.c. we can help you create a photo or video advertisement for catalogs and websites.